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Our Team

Management Team

Jan Semrau

Chief Risk Officer

Jan is the Chief Risk Officer of oCap. He oversees the global Risk Management and Credit Operations functions. He and his highly …

Lilian Teo

Chief Financial Officer

Lilian Teo is the Chief Financial Officer at oCap and has more than 17 years of senior finance and management experience within the …

Carlos Haeuser

Chief Executive Officer

Carlos Haeuser joined oCap as Chief Executive Officer in February 2018. He has strong management expertise and a proven track record of …

The Team

Our Corporate Culture

At oCap, we aim to create an environment of collaboration, commitment and foster a ‘can do’ attitude. Our culture is guided by a clear set of values that we believe in.


we value the people we work with; our employees, clients, investors and communities are an integral part of creating the best possible


we value open and respectful communication. We believe that interaction and dialogue facilitates the creation of alternative views which leads to better results.


we take responsibility; every team member will have an impact on oCap’s future development.


by automating daily routines, we create space and time for working on more interesting challenges.